Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pandas playing on a slide

I did the letter "O" two times, which is unfortunate because that means I could have posted this video of pandas going down a slide almost a week ago when I first saw it. 

Whatever you do, watch until the end. If you don't laugh out loud (not a sad LOL but a real-life chortle), then I hate to admit to you that you are a sociopath. Or you maybe have some kind of PETA-esque objections to this video, which I do not want to hear. No one will rid me of the joy of this video. NO ONE.


mm said...

I loved it from the beginning when they were on the swing. Adorable.

LH said...

Cornflakes. Tea. Pandas on slide video. The day's starting out right. THX!

Taylor Thelemann said...

hahaha, this is great. Reminds me that I got a video of Daisy trying to make a bed for herself the other day on the couch. It is 2 minutes long and ends when she knocks the pillow she wanted to use off the couch with her nose and gives up all hope.