Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 26: Catchphrase

What's your catchphrase, or most overused word?

I'm really big on the word juju. As in, "I'm sending you good juju."

Lots of people have laughed at me for my juju sending, but I don't care. I love juju. And if you have a big day coming up, I'll send you juju all day long.

Juju is happy, fresh and sincere. It doesn't require the sender and receiver to believe in the same deity, and it doesn't connote any sadness, like when you say you're thinking of someone.

So the next time you're trying to impart hopeful, nonjudgmental, nondenominational wishes upon someone, tell them you're sending them all your best juju. The really good stuff. It totally works.


J D said...

I'm definitely not "winning" in the Lent!Blog! challenge. In fact, by using that phrase, I have actually officially lost. But send me good juju and I'll get back on the horse ;o)

Jamie said...

I love juju. Somehow I didn't hear that phrase until college. And I went to hs in socal. What. The. Hell.

Molly said...

um I prefer to think of your catchphrase/fave word as YAHTZEE! do you still say that? I always liked that about you haha :)