About Gina

In our society, it's often easier to proclaim who are not, than who you are. Let's combat that cynical trend. I'll start.

I'm Gina.

I'm a copywriter who specializes in digital content strategy and execution.

I'm a dance team coach, but don't ask me to see my triple pirouette.

I'm a registered voter, and I hope you are too.

A proud Minnesotan, but I cheer for the Badgers.

I'm a good listener.

A terrible singer.

A better-than-you'd-expect athlete.

A shameless coffee addict.

A feminist - but if that brings up negative connotations for you, you've got it all wrong.

A decent cook.

A kickass girlfriend.

A kettle chip connoisseur.

A voracious reader.

And last, I'm a blogger. I created this page eight years ago as a green college student. (Fun fact: I wrote the name for this blog on a bar napkin at 3 AM. It's the only positive outcome of my short-lived Vodka Red Bull habit.)