Friday, August 12, 2011

Ignorant tight-ass club

I didn't watch the Republican debate last night - partially because I don't have cable, and partially because I try to avoid activities which cause me to pull my hair out (I have so little to begin with).

I did catch some soundbites, which was a terrible idea. While I imagine much of the night was spent one-upping one another to determine the rightiest of the right, I also know that if a quote makes the 60-second clip wrap-up of a two-hour debate, it's probably pretty damn inflammatory.

So rather than spending my night wondering how my beloved Minnesota could produce two Republican presidential candidates who are equally incompetent in different ways, I watched my favorite clip from The West Wing.

(If I were on the communications team for the Obama reelection committee, I'd commit this clip to memory. You're going to need some serious vitriol to combat these fools.)


mm said...

I've never seen this show or this clip, but I am going to repost it immediately... thanks!!

Goodwoman said...

I've never really watched West Wing, but this clip is inspiring me to find free time to watch it. I wonder if it is on Netflix?

jdoc said...

I have never loved a show more. Thanks for the clip. I needed that.

mm and Goodwoman, get the entire series on Netflix ASAP. You will have more goosebumps than you know what to do with.

LH said...

I love your home state, despite your crazy nominees.

Anonymous said...

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Greta said...

hot damn, this is wonderful.