Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm trying this new thing where I only let myself buy an item of clothing if I can incorporate it into five outfits already sitting in my closet.

This seemed like the best way for me to avoid moments of Squee! in Target, where I purchase $50 worth of ill-fitting clearance clothing because I am incapable of saying no to anything that is less than $8. Even if it is a puce-colored blouse that my friend dubbed "The Peter Pan" when I wore it out to the bar.

I digress. The five-outfit plan is working out pretty spectacularly, and I recommend it to anyone who lacks self-control or a wardrobe with versatile basics. The one unexpected downside is that I'm wearing almost exclusively navy blue and white/cream. Considering that was my uniform for 14 years (what up, Catholic School, pre-school through high school!), it seems like I may have had enough of that. But I just can't seem to quit you, navy blue.

Here's a photo of me in navy blue and white, performing the kindergarten smile (show ALL the teeth), while excitedly holding a Honeycrisp apple half the size of my head:


LH said...

This would be hard for me since I don't think I have 5 outfits per se. Just a bunch of random pants and shirts. I think I'm going to work on a goal of having 5 outfits. Inspired by you.

Love the photo