Monday, November 29, 2010

I like Low.

I'm hesitant to say I'm a music b*tch, but my friends aren't. This is perhaps truest during Christmastime when I have to tune out the tone-deaf covers of classics blasted from mall speakers. A few years ago I made my mother evacuate The Limited when they chose to play the Simpson sisters' version of "Little Drummer Boy". And while the song about the little boy buying his mother shoes has a lovely message, I truly think his mother would agree that she could meet Jesus in her house slippers.

How many readers did I just lose?

To please KC, who is running a new media challenge, and also to break my streak of not posting in quite some time, here's a terrible video of a great Christmas song. Low is a badass Duluth, MN band currently getting a lot of press because Robert Plant recorded two of their songs on his latest album, Band of Joy. This is a popular track from their 1999 Christmas album.



J D said...

I'll be a music bitch with you any day

trulybrilliant109 said...

Welcome to the challenge. I want to point out that your blog looks very cool. Nice aesthetics.

I absolutely HATE, hate, HATE that mother's shoes song. Ask Rachel, I go nuts when it comes on. Hey songwriter, thanks for bringing us all down on the holidays. Ugh. Besides, it's a terrible melody, words are corny, everything. I nominate it for worst song ever.

trulybrilliant109 said...

Oh, and trulybrilliant109 is an alter ego of Jim at Sorry for the mixup. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog challenge ...

KC said...


Dan and I both hate it. I can't listen to it at all.

Thanks for posting. I'm so happy.

Jamie said...

Hold on, the Simpson sisters did a holiday song? Like, together? Like they sang a song together, for the holidays?

Sorry I couldn't get any farther, I'm too alarmed and now scared that I will accidentally hear it.

dw said...

The shoe song is totes awful. 4 realz.

Honestly, the first time I heard it, I couldn't believe it was a real song. It was like a focus group got together to think of the saddest thing imaginable at Christmas, and were going along fine but then something went horribly wrong:

"OK, what's the saddest thing you can imagine at Christmas?"

"A dying woman?"

"Excellent! But let's make her a mom of a young boy."

"Perfect! That is so sad! And now let's make them poor."

"Love it! And the Mom is going to die that night and the kid wants to buy her something nice for Christmas and doesn't have enough money!"

"This. Is. Christmas. Music. Gold!!! Clear space on your shelves for a Grammy, y'all!"

"Wait! Let's have the song sung from the perspective of someone in line to buy presents and who is not in the Holiday spirit. Overhearing the boy try and buy his Mom a gift will make him or her realize the true meaning of Christmas."

"Wow. It's like we're completely in tune with the universe, here. The only thing we need to do now is figure out what the boy is trying to buy."

"I've got it! How about he is trying to buy a silver frame to put a picture of his older brother in so that it can be placed on her bedside table because the brother is in the Army and deployed in Iraq and can't get home in time to see her, but having the beautifully framed picture will be the closest thing to having him there in her final moments."


"No. I think he should be buying a pair of dress shoes."

[everyone else in the focus group]: "Yes. Definitely the dress shoes. That's perfect."

LH said...

Wow. That's some comment from Pronto. Sorry about this, but Pronto's comment made me forget my comment about your LOW blog entry. I'll come back later. Are you in this challenge, Wooden Nickel? Come on.

mm said...

Welcome to the challenge. I feel dumb because I don't know the song.