Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I woke up this morning unable to move my neck to the right or left. It was bizarre, but mostly just inconvenient. Then, it turned into an intense pain that can so far only be alleviated by me pressing down on the pressure point really hard, while muttering a string of expletives repeatedly.

Between that, and the fact that I think I have early on-set food poisoning (I'm being assured by co-workers that it's too early for me to feel sick from my fish tacos at lunch), I'm not feeling so hot. On any day, this would be crappy. But today, friends, mostly friends that live in Minneapolis or know me at all, is Punch Pizza's FREE MIMI night:

The Mimi is my all-time most favorite food. It tastes like love, but with extra garlic. Free Mimi night is practically a holiday between my friends and I - we even informed our post-Peace Corps jet-setting BFF Mary that she was missing it. (Ghana and Mali not looking so cool now, ARE THEY?)

Between my stomach hating me and the searing pain that is ricocheting like a piano string vibration up and down my neck, I'm fairly positive that standing in the long line tonight is not an option.

So, J is for Joyless. It was the only word that, with the help of, seemed to connote the kind of sadness I'm feeling over the loss of the my free 'za. Luckily, this pizza is so damn good that it will taste only slightly less delicious when I pay full-price for it next time. Which will probably be next week.

For those of you in the Mpls who can currently edit presentations without raising the deck to your face:

Or can pick things up with the use of a casual grand plie in your office:

Or can eat anything more than saltine crackers (no visual needed), you should click here for the coupon, and go get your free pizza. You won't regret it.


LH said...

I had a weird stomach thing this week. Saltines and Ginger Ale were all I could handle. Hope you feel better, WN!

KC said...


I've never had the Mimi because I think it's not on the official menu? Is that right?

But, once I went there with a friend and she ordered it, and it was so delicious.

I usually get Toto.

Gina Marie said...

OMG KC, it's on the menu for sure! I've had the Toto too, but mostly the girls and I are huge suckers for the Mimi.

Teresa said...

Punch nom nom nom

Maybs we could go there next weekend to make up for this tragedy?

KC said...

There's something else with M that's not on the menu?? I'm going to report back. I know who knows.

KC said...

It's the Gigi! Have you ever had that?

Gina Marie said...

No I haven't! Great name, I'll have to try it for sure