Monday, September 30, 2013


I omitted sugar from my diet a few weeks ago. It went so well that I celebrated by eating the sweets –all of the sweets– this past weekend.

Last night, I suggested to gal pal Jenna that we go on a one-month sugar cleanse to prep for our friend Emily’s wedding in early November. Bridesmaid dresses and professional photography and all that.

Jenna: Sugar cleanse? Is that the Whole Foods way of saying you’re giving up sugar?

Me: That is accurate, yes.

J: Can I have sugar in my coffee?

Me: Well, my soy milk will have a little bit. But I think no straight sugar or flavor syrups.

J: NO FLAVOR SYRUPS? Okay, but we have Kevin's wedding this weekend. We can have wedding cake, right?

Me: NO! That’s even worse than flavor syrups, probably. But now that you mention it, Jeff and I were planning to bike to the bakery tomorrow. So I’ll have a pastry tomorrow, and you have wedding cake on Saturday and we’ll call it even. 

J: Wait. Wait. Wait. Does this mean we can’t have PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES?!

I have been friends with this girl for nearly two decades and I have rarely seen her this worked up.

Me: Jenna. You must definitely CANNOT have a pumpkin spice latte. That’s the worst possible thing you could have on a sugar cleanse. That drink involves TWO flavor syrups and a pile of whip cream. 

J: Listen. I’m not doing this sugar cleanse unless I can have pumpkin spice lattes.

So there’s that. With the exception of PSLs, bakery treats, wedding cake and assorted coffee flavor syrups, we’re totally sugar-free in our abode. No exceptions.


mm said...

I could NEVER do this. As of 3:59pm, I've already had five fun sized candy bars!

LH said...

If I ever do a sugar cleanse, I'll come to you for advice first. I like your current plan.

Emily Anne said...

Kinda like how I said I was done with red meat for the 6 weeks leadig up to the wedding and then went to an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse? Or last night when I had Papa John's prior to my dress fitting?

It's clearly going really well for me too. ;)