Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's all funny til someone gets shot in the leg

This week has been a dead sprint to the finish line- something new for me, as my runs usually end with me muttering “DO NOT GIVE UP YOU PANSY” as I trudge limply down the path gasping for air and/or potato chips.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m busy. Busy to the point where last night there was a moment when I had one hand covered in shredded zucchini bits (thanks BF, for this) while the other hand transferred the music on my work computer to my personal computer via USB drive. It was 12:15 AM.

I looked up at my roommate in a moment of self-defeat and said, “What are the odds that someone else in this world is up right now doing exactly this? Could someone else be shredding zucchini, transferring music, and trash-talking people who eat Fair Food year round?”

“I sure hope so. Otherwise, what the hell are we trying to save?” she replied. She barely got through it without cracking up.

This is why I love my roommate. Can you all name the movie she was quoting? I’ll give you a hint by saying that the actor she was quoting has a hot celebrity wife and two very cute kids- one of whom Joel thinks is the "Spawn of Satan".

Shout out to KC and Dan who I saw at the Fair last night IN REAL LIFE. Somehow we didn't discuss if Dan had eaten his namesake food item- do you consume multiple pronto pups in order to celebrate your name?


dw said...

Armageddon (sp?). B-Fleck says it to Liv-Ty.

I did have a pronto pup at the fair, but bought it from a "poncho dog" stand and not an official "pronto pup" place. Kind of cheating on my part.

Joel said...

It's not normal that Violet's eyes are completely black. Why has no one else commented on this?! Also, see you day after tomorrow!!!!!!!!!