Friday, September 6, 2013

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Continuing on this alphabet challenge, I stole a page from MM's playbook and peeked into my iTunes to see what my most-played "I" song was.

Then I laughed aloud. Several years ago, I shared the song "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" with a guy I was interested in dating. I breathlessly recapped how the entire album by Neutral Milk Hotel was based on the story of Anne Frank, and how stunning this particular song was.

He responded by sending me his favorite song, which was either a parody of Electronica, or the worst Electronica ever... and I was reminded how very little game I have when it comes to the fellas. Nothing says "Date me" quite like admitting on Day 2 that you sometimes listen to songs about mass genocide for funsies.

Not all the dudes are turned off by my flimsy flirting, though. Last year, my friend came over to eavesdrop on a conversation I was having with a guy I'd met just hours previously. From afar, I appeared to be batting the lashes, taking tequila shots, and gesturing wildly. Then she got close enough to hear me.

YES! Hillary Clinton is THE BEST Secretary of State OF ALL TIME. She is a diplomatic GENIUS...*

Zero filter as always. But this time, the reaction was different.

You're damn right she is! I can't wait to see her leverage that role in 2016!*

We've been together ever since. And he likes depressing music, too.

*Paraphrasing, because tequila.


LH said...

This entry could be inserted into a movie script. I would go see that movie.

Greato, tomato!

GenaRae said...

What. How did I not know that what I've been lovingly putting on repeat all this time was about a girl forced to inhabit an attic to avoid (or more accurately, to delay)her family's murder? I'm ashamed. Also, I'm going to listen to it now and pay more attention.

mm said...

ARRRGH! Somehow I didn't get you transferred when I moved my websites to Feedly. I'm going back (not tonight) to read all I missed. I should have been commenting and reading and enjoying and instead...