Monday, September 9, 2013


Truth be told, I've been a bit crabby lately.

What is causing this Case of the Mehs? When I get busy, I start coding every activity as an obligation. Everything from meetings to dance performances to happy hours are being scheduled into similar-looking-blocks on my calendar, all with the same precision. As a result, my brain is on auto-pilot getting from one thing to the next.

In reality, most of the things on my schedule are on there because I want them to be. No one is forcing me to coach this team, and I of course want to attend social functions with my lovely friends. So, rather than feeling like my schedule is an Outlook Calendar Straightjacket, I'm going to approach each day with jubilation. 

That's right. J is for jubilation.

"Have to" becomes "Get to."

"Am supposed to be" becomes "Am excited to."

You get the point. It's time to start feeling jubilant about life, instead of being bogged down by it. After all, I have a pretty fabulous life.

Last week, I may have focused on how hard it is to get to my dance practices on time, or how we're still facing heat index warnings in our non-air-conditioned gym in mid-September.

Instead, I'm focusing on how I get to hang out with 31 hilarious, talented and genuinely nice teenage dancers today. And I'm happy that we'd already earmarked today as a low-intensity practice, with plenty of water breaks and lowkey team-building activities.

Jubilation. It probably shouldn't be forced, but I'm going to try to anyway. Stay tuned.


mm said...

I often make my students say get to instead of have to... it doesn't cause jubilation.