Monday, August 12, 2013

Coffeeshop convos

Two weeks ago, I worked remotely in San Francisco, which was an all-around delightful experience. The only real issue is that I ended up having to work longer hours than expected because of coffeeshop convos.

C is for coffeeshop convos, which can consist of eavesdropping on strangers in coffeeshops, or striking up your own conversation with strangers in coffeeshops. I did my fair share of both during that week.

At Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, for example, a Frenchman decided I look positively San Franciscan, and asked me for advice on what to see and do in the fair city. I gave him a few ideas before admitting that I was actually from Minneapolis.

"Minnesota?" he remarked with surprise. "I know that place! The um, the show... there was the show with the twins who moved from Minnesota. Such a long time ago... 90210!"

"Yes! Brenda and Brandon Walsh," I affirmed.

"We loved that show. We love all your shows," he offered back. Then he went on to tell me how disappointed he was when he visited New York, and found out that Central Perk, the coffee shop from Friends, wasn't real.

"It was filmed in L.A.! It wasn't even in New York at all! I asked everyone and they all said it was filmed on a stage!"

We discussed fictitious sets for awhile, and I told him that if he ever wanted to see Cheers in person, he could go to Boston. I also told him that he could visit a Central Perk replica in Beijing, China, if his travels ever took him there. That seemed to satisfy him.

Last, I taught Etienne (which he told me was the French version of "Steve") the word "snooty," and mapped pretty much his entire trip for him on my computer.

He seemed grateful and relatively surprised that I would spend fifteen minutes finding him a Radio Shack within walking distance. In fact, coffeeshop convos with non-creepers are pretty much my favorite way to pass time.