Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back

I liked the way Miscellaneous Missives reflected on her last year, so I'm copying her. At this point I feel like I've been pretty exhaustive in reflecting on 2010 but then again, I love reflecting. Here goes:

December: Was the worst month on record. I was car-less, dealing with a painful breakup, and too much dance meant no social life. Then the car returned, my team hit their stride and I started thinking less and acting more.

November: I have no idea what happened in the month of November. I looked at my posts and from what I can tell, I voted and fell down a lot.

October: Dance began again, right as I was starting to feel comfortable in my new job. Every time I find balance, I find some way to throw a wrench in it. This imbalance was so necessary.

September: I quit my job, flew to Nashville to see Joel for Labor Day Weekend, then started my new job. This two-week period was by far the most stressful yet exhilarating time of the whole year.

August: Was quiet. I was freelancing, and being wined and dined, and exploring Minneapolis. I was recommended for a new job and had no idea how much my professional life was about to change.

July: I moved out! Words cannot express how much I love my apartment, and how upset I'll be when it comes time to move out.

June: I house and cat-sat for a co-worker. If you think this wasn't a highlight, then you've never lived at home with your parents as an adult. I drank wine, watched West Wing until 2 AM, and blasted Etta James while baking zucchini bread in a kitchen that wasn't mine. (Thanks, Sue! It was fabulous.)

May: I took on my first freelancing project, for Chevy. Before I could blink I was knee-deep in event planning and discussing turbo-charged engines with car enthusiasts. Guess which one of those I was better at?

April: I participated in the April blogging challenge which forced me to read and reflect on something each day. I think this may have been my favorite challenge so far because I was learning so much from the other bloggers and loved sharing my opinions with them.

March: I visited Teresa in Madison and stayed in the same bedroom I lived in my senior year, which led to the most surreal wake-up experience of my life.

February: My first season as a coach ended on a high note, and I bought a car. These acted as the springboard for my first post-college relationship. I leapt in full-force without looking back.

January: I celebrated my one-year anniversary at Job 1.0, and basically lost my $hit after a semi-rough review. I threw myself into coaching to make up for the lack of confidence I felt at work.


Here's to 2011 being filled with just as much imbalance, chaos and stress and as much warmth, love and support as 2010 had.


Jamie said...

I feel like everyone had a roller coaster 2010. Maybe it's the economy of that we are all in that weird just-post-college age but I think everyone had some sort of drama left, right and center. But love and support always makes up for it <3

Anonymous said...

November sounds like it was the best month out of them all.