Monday, April 19, 2010

Eleanor Roosevelt played a big role in this story, too

My freshman year of college, I used to pick up my sub-5’ roommate from her job at Walgreen’s 3 nights a week so she didn't have to walk alone. At first I brought along a cute guy who I was mildly interested in (before finding out that he, despite being a left-brain sort of fellow, felt compelled to write love poems to girls he barely knew). One night, Casanova was busy so I ended up walking there with the floor's most popular dude, Joel. We chatted amiably the whole way there, and he soon became my go-to walking partner and college confidant.

If my life were a rom-com, we'd now cue up the montage of 2 kids getting to know one another- studying in coffee shops, snuggling on futons, partying at creepy frats- while green screen seasons pass behind us to signify that the friendship was solidified over several months.

If my life were a rom-com, we'd have broken up somewhere around the 7 month itch and would still secretly pine for one another from afar. But my life isn't as dramatic as I sometimes wish it was, so you should know that Joel and I remain good friends and we never dated at all. Oh, because Joel likes guys.

For the last 5 1/2 years, Joel has unfairly been the standard that no straight guy in my life can live up to. I once told my mom that I just wanted to marry a straight Joel, but she mentioned that then I'd have replaced him. That won't do.

I suppose I just want to marry someone who makes me laugh as much as he does, who will understand that my neuroses are endearing, and who will remind me that I don't look good in wide-legged pants even though I always want to wear them. Also, I want someone who understands that trying to compete with Joel for my affection could be a painful, life-long exercise in futility.

What spurred this out of character blogging love fest? Joel and I had one of those epic chats last night that reminded me for the one thousandth time how lucky I am to have him in my life. From there, we emailed and G-chatted all day, understanding that when the floodgates open you just have to let the love flow through.

I'm counting our emails as my reading for the day because I was too busy to read anything of substance.

Also, I've been holding a secret in all day that I just have to get out. Last night I took a sip of water out of my SIGG and guess what was in there? A live spider. I know. I seriously don't know what's come over me but I just felt compelled for everyone else to know. It's like when you see some old neighbor at the gym naked and you have to describe it to someone else so your own personal trauma is lessened. I am seriously going to regret telling everyone this but can you believe that? I had just washed it, and just re-filled it with fresh water. I think it was a ninja spider. Okay I have to stop talking about it.


KC said...

I g-chatted with mary today and she accused me of "stealing all of her friends" while she was away.

i told her it was her own fault for abandoning us. ;)

Joel said...

A post mostly about me? My inner narcissist is jumping for joy. If only I was as talented a writer as you, I would recite why you are not too shabby yourself.

Love you so freaking much!

Mary said...

to clarify, I told KC she was stealing all of my friends because now everyone knows she is cooler than I am :)
This blog made me think of two things... how great joel is AND how we became friends. remember when you made fun of me for reading a feminist magazine in the 4th grade and I was jealous of your perm.

Anonymous said...

You are my favorite blogger, since you have all of the same life stories essentially as me. I too, have a Joel in my life and had the great privelege of being in his wedding last weekend (it's legal in Iowa now, you know!) The only thing wrong with it is that I had to give a little of him away to his husband...but as long as they are happy, so am I. I'm glad you have Joel :)

Emily Anne said...

Ok peterman, your shout outs are officially checked off the list. I'm now going to just put out there that I diligently read your blog and still don't have a shout out. Xoxo

a little passive aggressive competition never hurt anyone right? Congrats on your 5.5 years kids! Super cute post, and especially like the guest commentary from Africa.

Gina Marie said...

Yay for comments!

Mare/KC- pretty much nothing makes me happier than Mare's random interjections from the middle of Senegal. I'm always honored that this blog gets a glance considering how little internet time she has. Also, I think you're both fantastic and we should go out and drink a lot of wine on July 21st. WHOOOP!

Jenna- congrats on 'your Joel's' wedding! I truly love that Iowa is full of such forward-thinkers. The Midwest gets a traditional/living in the past rap, but I think that we are doing a lot for civil liberties.

Em- you're up next. I've been pondering a post on the benefits of having a pack of solid girlfriends ever since your comment from Mean Girls. Then after the headband seen round the world, I decided it is TIME that we discuss the importance of gal pals in everyone's life.

XO darlings.