Saturday, January 1, 2011

Internet Roundup

What's been entertaining me on the interwebs this week:

Birthday Card about Satan
A little girl chooses an odd time to talk about the devil - her uncle's birthday note.

Kanye West's stylist speaks
This Q and A with Kanye's 19-year-old stylist, Cassius Clay, is so beyond what I ever could have hoped it to be. Among other things, he lists his current obsessions as: "Charles Dickens, truffles, gloves from Givenchy Fall/Winter 2010, taxidermy." After reading this, I spent about an hour imagining how insufferable it would be to be in a room with these two. (Please note the disambiguation at the end of this article where they clarify that this stylist was not named after Mohammed Ali, but in fact, Mohammed Ali was named after this Cassius Clay's ancestor. I had no idea families like this still existed. I want to go to there.)

Darryl Hall's comeback

My mom once told me that she decided to marry my dad when she saw him drunkenly air guitaring to the song, "She's Gone" by Hall and Oates, so I've always had an affinity for this 80's duo. For anyone who's seen "Live from Darryl's House", or just rocked out to "Rich Girl", this is an interesting read that delves into how difficult it is for artists to evolve from one era of music to another. (Missing is a comment on how jacked up D. Hall's face is looking. Come on, man. Your forehead could outshine Nicole Kidman emerging from a Vaseline pit.)

The rise of "tween fashionistas"

The latest fashion darlings are not ingenues like Carey Mulligan or Emma Watson - they're 12. Or 10, in the case of Willow Smith. Salon peeks into the strange (and dangerous) trend of designers using pubescing girls as their muses. While we've all been hearing that the modeling industry is raising their weight standards for runway shows, is it possible that designers aren't holding up their end of the bargain? Are they simply going to bend lower in age so they don't have to use size-4 dress forms? What happens to the self-esteem of these young women when their bodies inevitably sprout hips, breasts, thighs? Shudder.

Catalog Living
It's too hard to choose a post on this amazing site that mocks pretentious catalog shots but this, this and this are my recent favorites.

What have YOU been reading?


Jamie said...


Sometimes I'm glad I am in law school and I have no time for pop culture.

Jen said...

Catalog Living is my new favorite site. I will lose hours of my life there, thank you.