Friday, March 25, 2011

Day Fourteen: Bucking the trend

What bandwagon have you yet to jump on? Why?

I realized yesterday that nearly everyone I converse with on the Internets has run a marathon. For example, Lent!Blog! participants Joe, Greta, and Teresa have all completed a marathon, as have KC and Emily. Jamie will run her first tomorrow. (Sara and Jenny, I'm not sure about your past marathon experience. If you have run one or five, congrats! You're crazy too.)

Then there's me. I don't so much run, although I'm really good at making plans to run. A few weeks ago I went on a "run" around Lake of the Isles and the only second of it I found enjoyable was when I did a full on grand jete (ballet's flying leap) over a big puddle so as to avoid getting mud on my leggings. The moment my feet hit the pavement again, I grimaced and had only one thought. Running sucks so hard.

As a young urban dweller, I feel like I might get kicked out of the city limits if I don't figure out how to run soon. I've learned at this point not to promise any workout plan to this blog, yet a little part of me knows it's now or never for me - I live next to one of the most idyllic running paths in the city, I have few post-work commitments, and I'm increasingly blaming my clothes for having shrunk instead of taking responsibility for what is surely an "artificial cheese cracker" weight gain. If not now, when?

The goal is small - I'd love to be able to casually say I ran five miles. Wouldn't that be neat? (To be clear, there is nothing neat about having all your toenails fall off, even if you do get to say it's because you ran 26.2 consecutive miles.)

Running friends - can you recommend some good jams? In addition to being a terrible runner, I'm also programmed to run directly on beat due to a few too many years as a sequin-bedecked jazz dancer. The one time I tried running to a podcast, as Joe suggested, I ended up sprawled in the grass after a mile, crying as I listened to Ira Glass wrap up a This American Life story on kidnapping radio in Colombia. So, please direct your suggestions more towards Shakira than NPR if possible.

And in all seriousness, while I don't get the marathon thing, I have the utmost respect for anyone who completes one. Best of luck tomorrow Jamie!


Jamie said...

Thank you Gina!!!!! It's going to be amazing. I actually ran 2 previously, but I had ankle surgeries in 2007/08 and haven't run anything sense then. So way before most people in my life would know about :) BUT I'M PUMPED! Probs not so much by this time tomorrow.

Greta said...

i'm going to have to argue with you on the lost toe nail thing. while gross, it's so hardcore, and consequentially very neat ;)

Jenny | The Balow Bunch said...

I've ran three half-marathons. But after each of those races, I couldn't imagine turning around and running back to the start I've never had the desire to train for a full one. Actually, I wanted to train for a full one, but decided to start with a half. After running a half, I never wanted to run a full.

As for good songs. There are a couple of Kanye West songs I like. Specifically the Jesus Walks one. I think it has a great march-like beat and has a great pace for me.

TMW said...

As you know, I can go on about running for probably hours, and 95% of the time people I'm talking to couldn't care less. And here you are openly asking for me to talk about running....!

I absolutely believe you could run a marathon. Anyone who puts in the time and really, honestly trains can do it. I've never been a fast runner or really that good at it--I just like it. For me that's the key--I enjoy myself. I hate yoga, so I don't do yoga for exercise. I'd never go to class and just be really bitter about it.

I'd love to have another running buddy in MN, but if you really don't like it, don't make yourself do it. It's not worth it!

J D said...

It takes a very boring soul (me!) to run to NPR or This American Life...but you should come and run along the river with me sometime soon!

And this is going to sound like I'm such a fanboy for The Hold Steady...but I truly believe that my one and only runners high was thanks to "How a Resurrection Really Feels," I was really dragging a few years ago towards the end of the run when that song came on. I almost hyperventilated I got so pumped up. But since my last running advice was completely ineffectual, I'll pull a Levar Burton and say, don't take my word for it ;o)

Kirsten said...

As a runner by force and not by choice (thanks, biannual Army physical test...) I also require music at my jogging pace.

The BEST secret I learned was to find my perfect BPM which can vary based on how fast you run, your stride, etc. I run at 160 BPM, maybe start with that. My 160 playlist includes Hey Ya (Outkast), lots of Foo Fighters, Take It Off (The Donnas), Going On (Gnarls Barkey), Don't Stop Me Now (Queen) and many others. I can hit shuffle and I know any song will be the right pace for my run.

So feel free to steal some 160s OR find your own BPM then search for songs at that BPM on Seriously, this discovery changed my running life forever :) Good luck, let me know if you ever want an equally begrudging and slow runner to join you at the lakes sometime!