Friday, March 19, 2010

Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles

It's been an exceptionally good week. It's also been over a month since I introduced Friday Favorites, then unceremoniously dropped it from the blog. Here is its glorious return:

1. Soy Milk
When Joel pointed out to me that I was living a lie, having n
ot followed through on my consumer cleanse without telling the blogosphere of my epic cheating, I agreed. Don't worry, six readers, it's not that I don't want you to know I'm a liar. It's just that I see the majority of you every week, so the fact that Caribou and I have become reacquainted is not exactly a secret. Anyway, I'm back on my cleanse after taking a close look at my bank statement. I've been rocking a 50/50 coffee/soy milk ratio this week in order to pretend like I'm sipping a hot latte from the hotter barista Josh at my desk. Trader Joe's Vanilla Soy Milk is my favorite so far. I'm also going to try out almond milk next week to see if that makes my morning java any more exciting.

2. Broken Bells
This is a
new collaboration between Brian Burton/Danger Mouse (of The Grey Album fame, and Gnarls Barkley) and James Mercer (of the Shins). Rarely does a collab. album come along where both members can bring their best talents to the table without fighting to set their signature tone. In this case, the strongpoints of each - Mercer's evocative lyrics and crisp yet comforting vocals, and Burton's arrangements, repetition, and perfect use of synth equipment- have created an instant must-listen album. I especially love Vaporize, Sailing to Nowhere, The Higher Road and Trap Doors.

3. Volunteer opportunities
I've been contacted by two different people about volunteer opportunities this week- right as I was starting to look for better ways to give back. I'm especially excited to begin working with a group that advocates for women's advancement in the political arena. It will be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people in the city while promoting a unique and important cause.

4. Spring in Madison!
Tal and I are headed to Madison this weekend to visit
TMW. The forecast isn't exactly promising- it's been nicer the last few weeks there, but I'm sure that we'll find a way to squeeze in all our favorite things. Namely,

Sitting on the terrace and having an epic lifechat:

Consuming some beverages at our favorite old stomping ground:

and stocking up on enough of the city's walking culture to get me through my last few months in the 'burbs:

Have a fabulous weekend, all.

** Dear FTC- I was not sponsored by food companies, indie bands, or the city of Madison, WI, while writing this post. I promise.