Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's all say it together now. Merrrrrr

I miss writing. I miss literary criticism, feminist theory essays, rhetorical analysis. I miss my pro-choice letters to the editor, even though 90% of them were never published. Sometimes late at night I even miss the rush of having one hour to complete a 16 page blue book.

Mostly, though, I miss writing long sweeping blog entries about absolutely nothing. The best part of keeping a blog is that I always have an outlet when I need to output random thoughts or experiences.

Right now, I am struggling with a severe case of blogger's block. It's frustrating because the stories are there. I have stories about new co-workers, about my unlikely friendship with the Kinko's clerk, of housesitting for my step grandma and dodging her alcoholic shut-in neighbor for two weeks. I have musings on working for "the man" instead of for the good of humanity, and a new torrent of feelings every day about the trials of long distance dating. I am confident that the material is available to me.

I just can't find the proper words or tone for any of the stories, and that makes me feel very... empty. Writing has always been a great stress-reliever, but now I find myself stressed at my inability to write with passion or purpose. It's a discouraging cycle, and I am left wondering when the spark will come back.

Clearly, there is a simple answer to this. I need a muse. Someone to fuel the blogger blaze. Any takers? (70-year-old hermits with lapsed AA meeting attendance need not apply.)


Teresa said...

I feel the same way sometimes....I blogged nearly every day when I got here but have lately been a tad sluggish when it comes to documenting my activities.

But I hope you find your muse because reading your blog is one of my favorite things!!

Liz said...

BLOG! has been one of the things on my to do list for awhile now

p.s. thanks for your email... i promise i'll write back soon! (emails are also on my list...)