Monday, February 9, 2009

One is silver, the other gold

The perks of growing up just keep on coming. A woman at work has a daughter in Girl Scouts and today I got to personally order three boxes of the most deliciously overpriced treats the world has to offer.

To normal people, this opportunity comes along every year. These people do not live in a house with my father, the human Cookie Monster. Every year, I excitedly put in my order to my mom who orders through assorted neighbors/nieces/randos. Every year, I find my coveted Thin Mints and Shortbread boxes empty in the garbage and I get reallllly pissed. I cannot be consoled by the Keebler versions of each (and oh, how Johnny has tried to get back into my good graces this way).

Now I have a check written out to darling little Cassandra just waiting in my checkbook. I have room saved up in a drawer that my predecessor used for paperwork (suckup). Most importantly, I have written three paragraphs about cookies sold by girls in teal pinafores.


Teresa said...

Is THAT what a pinafore is?

I've always wondered.....