Monday, August 29, 2011

Taylor Swift

The thing about Taylor Swift is that I unabashedly love her. I went through a phase last winter where I thought she might be obnoxious, but then spring came, and I decided I didn't care what she was like because her music makes me really happy.

My friend Emily thinks this obsession is extremely entertaining because aside from my love for T-Swizzle, I tend to be a music bitch. I know I love Taylor Swift because she is everything I am not.

Taylor is blonde, tall and extremely lean; I'm brunette, of average height, and, in the words of another blonde pop goddess, my hips don't lie.

When Taylor is wronged by a dude, she publicly vilifies them for years through her songs; I once wrote a blog post detailing how proud I was of a breakup that was full of mutual respect and admiration.

Further, Taylor is committed to the idea of living a fairytale even though her interchangeable Prince Charmings seem to not be as committed as the Disney princes of yore. On the one hand, you want to shake her and say, "Listen sweetie, if you really can't see that John Mayer is going to use and abuse, then you need some serious counseling." On the other, you want to say, "Mad props on the multiple tabloid covers that publicly dogged him, and also the hit single."

The other thing I love about Taylor Swift is that despite her lyrics being annoyingly superficial, and not even making sense, I find myself belting them out. The best example:

Today was a fairytale - I wore a dress, you wore a dark grey t-shirt.
You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess - today was a fairytale.

Girlfriend, what kind of dress were you wearing that it paled in comparison to Prince Charming's grey t-shirt? Did you sew it from a sheet or something? Did you fall into a mud pit while you were dancing and kissing in the rain? I mean, give some context. Or don't, I'll sing it anyway.

This will not end well. (Source)


Jamie said...

Thank you for saying so eloquently all the things I wanted to say about her. I have no idea why we like her either. On some level I want to listen to her 24/7 and bar my niece from ever hearing one of her songs. Does that make any sense? probably not.

One of my anti-Taylor friends (and let's face it there are 2 groups) once said I only like her because I have the guy. This can't be true because one of my absolute favorite things to do is to lip sync and air guitar to Picture to Burn after a frustrating day.

As an aside, I think now that John Mayer has publicly screwed both Taylor Swift AND Jen Aniston, his goodwill is probably expired, if he ever had any.