Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waka Waka, Etc.

Waka Waka
Is a new song by Shakira. It was the official World Cup Theme Song and it's fabulous for working out, cleaning, or playing on repeat for no reason when you're in an upbeat mood.

Warchalking was loosely based off ‘hobo language’, where hobos used to mark safe/unsafe zones with chalk to warn or help their fellow road warriors. Warchalking was created in 2002, when a group of people who thought they were internet ninjas techies created a series of symbols that were meant to inform passersby of where they could locate an open wireless port.

This trend got a lot of media attention, and it was thought by some that it could turn into a major grassroots effort worldwide. However, within a year of its inception, the idea that free wi-fi had to be shared via covert chalking was dead- replaced at first by free wi-fi in businesses like coffeeshops and eventually... nearly everywhere, until even our cell phones carried their own signal.

In an article that describes the demise of warchalking in 2003, a blogger wrote of the future:
"You'll walk into Starbucks or [Walmart] or Barnes and Noble, or you'll be walking through your neighborhood, or perhaps some place near a payphone. You'll have the web around you, all of the time. At home, at the office. Everywhere. It'll be like air or water. Wi-Fi will just be there. At some point, you won't have to worry about where you are. Wi-Fi or some other related wireless network will provide you with an internet blanket, and you'll always feel warm and cozy."

Aside from the payphone reference, he kind of nailed it. Isn't it astounding to see how far we've come in just seven years?

What This Town Needs is a Kid in a Well
My favorite Onion article, ever.

Whoo Whoo Whoo
My friend Tali is trying to bring back this 90's gesture (:06- :07). Far be it from me to deny her this dream- readers, please begin to incorporate the low dog bark/fist circle at all moments of excitement from here on out.


KC said...

Shef and I are now listening to Waka Waka. Needless to say, I love it.

KC said...

p.s. I'm now interested in learning the Waka Waka dance. This always happens to me and leaves me vulnerable to ridicule.

Gina Marie said...

Isn't it just the best ever? I'm becoming a Shakira fan about six years after it was cool....

From the 10 minutes I babysat Shef, I remember him being a great dancer so I think we should probably all learn it. Maybe he'd give up the Beyonce dance party for a Shakira Shakira dance party?!

Teresa said...

RE: Waka Waka
I find the English version to be annoying, but enjoy the Spanish one. Typical.

RE: Warchalking

RE: Onion Article

RE: Tal Whoo-ing
Did this happen in Seatle?

Gina Marie said...


1. Never heard it, but I probably wouldn't understand it anyway.

2. Thank you, Communications Dept. of Wiconsin-Madison, for the only interesting thing I learned in my History of the Internet class.

3. Brilliant, no? I love when she calls out the best/worst kid for the job

4. I think she just came up with it at our housewarming party. I think it could revolutionize the way we celebrate.

Tali said...

YES! Spread it! Let's just say, Mary and I decided fist pumping and high fives are sooo 2000's. They always say trends repeat themselves, right?!