Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Song of the Day: Brett Dennen, Can't Slow Down

One of the fabulous bloggers I've discovered during Reverb10 is Tami. Tami does a "Song of the Day" and as I tend to listen to the same song on repeat unti I've exhuasted myself, I'm trying to start sharing my obsessions with y'all.

If you think there's anything better than a red-headed folk singer, you're sadly mistaken. Brett Dennen is the bee's knees, or as my mom likes to say, the cat's ass. (No clue, but it's pretty fun to say.)

This song is pretty much a shoutout to the 20-somethings still figuring it out. Hey, that's me! And probably you, if you read this blog.


LH said...

It's not me, but I do like the comment "cat's ass."

Yay for your mom!

Jamie said...

This is FUN!!!