Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prayer for an urban renter

Dear God,

Please don’t take me (out of the city) just yet. It’s not yet my time (to move to the suburbs). While I understand that everyone must eventually go, I am still holding out hope that you will save me (from corpse-colored carpeting and split-level entrances).

It’s true, there are more important things in the world than my selfish plea for more time (in a neighborhood with six coffeeshops within walking distance). I can’t expect you to grant the wish of each young woman (wishing to remain in a vintage building only blocks away from a quiet urban lake). And certainly, God, I’d be willing to make a compromise (St. Louis Park would be okay). All I ask is that you refrain from sending me to the eternal sleep (of a complex with a name like “Sunnydale Apartments”).

And if I may, God, ask just one more thing. If you choose to spare me (by sending a link to an affordable, brownstone 1br my way via Padmapper), can you also be sure to bless me with kind neighbors who treat others as they want to be treated (sharing wi-fi never killed anyone)?



mm said...

Good luck! I'm not sure how anyone lives in the suburbs.