Friday, August 27, 2010

These Days

These Days... Stolen from Kyla Roma, as are all my posts recently.

I’m doing weird stuff to my hair.
After a super fun trip to the salon where my hairstylist uttered the words, “you really do have the worst kind of hair”, I decided it was time to get serious about my sad little feathers. As I’m the hair equivalent to Cathy and diets (RIP Cathy! You won’t be missed you crazy man-hating whiner!), I didn’t think there was anything I hadn’t tried. Then, I read about no-poo. Yes, you read that right. Worst name ever, so I don’t call it that. Essentially, you wash your hair using a mix of baking soda and water, and condition it with a mix of water and apple cider vinegar. No, your hair won’t smell like vinegar later. Promise. So far I can say with certainty that this is a cheaper alternative, and that my hair is looking way better than normal. I even got compliments on my hair, which hasn’t happened since pretty much my spiral perm of 1990.

I’m trying not to look like a slob.
I have exactly 2 weeks to get a professional wardrobe. Allegedly, I’ve had the ability to dress nicely for all of my working years but I have chosen to eke by on nice jeans and cute tops, with a skirt mixed in once a week for good measure. Now I’m staring at my sad little closet and realizing I have a long way to go in order to not look like I came straight off the bread line. Outlet malls will be my new best friends, along with the daily 40% off coupons I get from the Limited (are they going out of business? They’re getting to Kohl’s territory on the sales.)

I’m not drinking coffee.
I’m bringing it to work as always and then staring at it and dumping it down the drain later. Me, no coffee? That’s like saying black is white, up is down, and my grandma didn’t pray the rosary six times already today. WHAT is wrong with me?? I’d be worried but it’s so dangerously close to Pumpkin Spice Latte season that I know I’ll pull it back together soon.

I’m breathing.

Spazzes don’t do that very often. Occasionally I remember it’s time to step back and chill the hell out. I have one week left at my job, then week of vacation, then I’m launching into Workplace 2.0. It’s a good time to be breathing and remembering that life is pretty fabulous if you take the time to enjoy it.


Teresa said...


Jamie said...

Oh so I totally do the baking soda thing but now I want to try the vinegar bit too.... I always thought I had the worst hair on the planet but maybe I'm your very close second? Ugh. Never looks good.

KC said...

I am trying to dress nicer this year, too. Also, I'm trying to incorporate accessories. I went shopping with a friend who led me away from the t-shirts firmly, yet gently. "not dressy enough," she said.

Tristan said...

This is me commenting on your post:)

Shopping - A trip to Albertville needs to happen!!!

Gina Marie said...

T- drinking coffee as we speak. I think it was that I just wasn't buying it for $4 a day and therefore it didn't taste as good.

Jamie- How's it going? Bad hair is a curse that should not be as psychologically damaging as it is.

KC- I firmly believe that with a good looking cardigan, T-shirts can be appropriately dressy

Trist- YES. Just did some major damage at Target. They had FOUR RACKS of clothes my size, it was outrageous.