Sunday, August 22, 2010

Onward, upward...

All quiet on the blog front lately... For good reason. Life changes have been brewing, and now they’re at full strength (see what I did there? Eh?) and ready to be shared.

On Thursday, I resigned from my job. In 3 weeks, I will be working on the corporate side of marketing for the first time. Most importantly, I’ll be writing.

Writing. For work. As my job. I’ll be paid for it. Paid to write.

Making the decision to leave my first full-time job was unbelievably difficult. When I got this job, I cried for about 2 days straight- after months of applying for terrible jobs, I somehow got the one job that I wanted the most. One that required the use of my tack-on Women’s Studies major as well as my main major, Rhetoric. The fog of what I can now self-diagnose as mild depression was lifted as I read 401k agreements and signed my non-compete. Out I went into the workforce, dutifully Powerpointing, troubleshooting, and working under the gun for ever-pressing client needs.

Immediately I recognized that in agency life, there are 2 main tracks- account management, and creative execution. I also saw that I'm not good at being the middle-man, the account person who pedals a seemingly endless loop between client and creative until somehow, by the grace of the ad gods, an agreeable product is finalized. However, I'd been hired as an account coordinator so I tried my best to stay on the path that had been laid out for me.

Yet as I watched freelance writers flow in and out, I knew that I wanted to do their work and not my own. That I am much more equipped to create than to manage the creation. (This is the marketing equivalent of actors saying they want to direct, by the way.) In came, through a total twist of fate, a job that, among other things, requires me to troll the internet, and dissect what I read on the industry through the use of strategic blog posts on the company website. Yaht. Zee.

Without getting too mush-mush on you, thanks for reading. This blog has been my only writing outlet for the last two years. Often times the only thing that kept me coming back was a snarky email from a friend demanding new posts to pep up the workday. Other times, I wrote because I was afraid that without blogging, I'd never write anything more substantial than an e-mail. Now I can say that part of my job is choosing the right words, in the right order, on the right subject.

Onward, upward is my slogan for the year, since my blogging BFFs have such good ones. I think it's fitting because this is going to be an enormous change that I couldn't be more enthusiastic to explore.


Jamie said...

I'm so proud of you Gina!!!! That's amazing news. MW is in the same boat right now- got a great job but is now stuck between clients (who are candidates) and partners (who are pollsters). I'm so happy that you're actually going to get to do what you love and that you're moving up!!!

KC said...

Yay, Gina!!


Teresa said...

Are you commenting on my snark?

Gina Marie said...

Thx darlings!

Jamie- tell MW to hang in there! It can get tricky to be 'stuck' in the right industry but the wrong job. Sending good vibes that election season will bring him his chosen path (ahem, not to say I'm supporting his candidates! JK)

T- actually was referencing Tristan who sends me demands via email and FB when she feels that I'm not doing enough to keep her occupied. But, you're my best commenter and yes, you're mad snarky.

J D said...

Just read this -- exciting news! Congrats, it looks like the job will be right up your alley ;o)