Friday, July 30, 2010


I found myself in the emergency room yesterday getting stitched up after an unfortunate incident with my thumb and an Xacto knife. It was actually very minimal- so minimal that I became immediately crabby that I had used my "X" entry and therefore couldn't do "X is for an Xacto knife to the thumb, leading to a 3-hour emergency room visit". It's like the blogging gods don't even want this to be the best challenge ever.

The tech cleaning my thumb took a look at it and said, "Wow! You have really great reflexes, this could have been a lot worse." BOOM. Dream patient.

Then this crotchety doctor came in to buzzkill, sayings something along the lines of "This probably would heal fine. It would scab over pretty well, probably fall off, and then heal itself. You'd have to work to stave off infection too, especially when the healing skin is exposed for awhile. So, what would you like to do?"

I couldn't believe he could pose that as a question with a straight face. Sutures and Lidocaine, stat. I don't need to be a hero. And by hero, I mean back in 4 days with a thumb infection.

I got to watch the resident doctor stitch it up which was awesome. I get squeamish during trauma scenes on TV or in the movies, but I very much enjoy watching it live and on my own body.

Y is for Yesterday- a cruddy day that put a huge kink in my weekend plans for extreme tubing, and also the name of one of the worst Beatles songs ever- a song which my 7th grade class sang mournfully and out of tune in a "Singin'through the Century" revue at the end of the school year.


KC said...

Lame!!! Good job on being the best patient ever. I also love to be the best patient ever, which ironically led me to lie about the effectiveness of my epidural (it was totally ineffective), which then led to c-section with general anesthesia.

So, I'm not sure what my message is. Don't tube too extremely?

Gina Marie said...

Oh no. Yes, sometimes there's a drawback to being the best patient ever. I am putting your epidural story in the back of my head especially.

I think I'm going to be all-time spotter (read: all time drinking on the boat) for the weekend, spend my year getting ripped, and then come back full force next year in my glorious return to extreme tubing.

This won't shock you but your sister is the most extreme tuber I know. LIke, gladiator/Xena/Chyna strong. It's freakish.