Wednesday, July 28, 2010

X Marks the Spot

The most important questionnaire of all time:

[X] It's possible to be a realist and a romantic

[ ] As a child I liked to get dirty

[X] It's okay that Jimmy Fallon laughed in every SNL skit in which he appeared

[X] Speaking of Jimbo, Fever Pitch is an excellent movie

[X] His late night show really sucks, though

[ ] I'm super stoked that Bristol Palin is telling teenage girls to be abstinent instead of telling them how to avoid unwanted pregnancy

[ ] Salty snacks are overrated

[ ] Fresh flowers are a waste of money

[X] I think girls who "just get along better with guys" are usually lying, and secretly wish they had girlfriends


Teresa said...

muahahaha last one.

KC said...

I <3ed it when Jimmy laughed on SNL, esp during More Cowbell.