Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Venn Diagrams

Is there anything more fun than a Venn Diagram?

The answer to that is yes. Dance parties can be more fun than Venn Diagrams, as can watching the Bachelorette while drinking wine with a pack of cynical girls in their early 20's.

My point is, Venn Diagrams can be hilarious. Here's a good one (found here):

Here is one that is technically not a Venn diagram because they have chosen two mutually exclusive entities:

Truer words have never been spoken, friends. I almost always have more fun when I'm wearing culottes:

Speaking of culottes, the credit for the above photo is to Urban Outfitters. They're seriously selling modern-day culottes. They're calling them cumberbund shorts (worst description ever!) but I was seven in 1992, friends. I know a pair of culottes when I see them. I would like to vocally oppose anything constructed to look like a skirt, that is actually not a skirt (Skorts, I'm looking at you too. WHY are there two pieces of clothing that fit this definition?).

Where was I? Oh yes, on entry TWENTY TWO of this blog in the month of July. I'm incapable of lucid or intelligent thoughts at this point.

V is for Venn Diagrams. If you want to see more great Venn Diagrams (ProntoPup, this is specifically for you), then click here.


KC said...

Please shoot me if I ever wear culottes and you happen to see me doing this in real life.

Also, I'm too old for skinny jeans.

dw said...

Excellent! I am now a daily visitor to failblog.org which I probably would never have found if not for your post in the last blogging challenge.

Teresa said...

Culottes, bloomers, hotpants.....

Really, how is one supposed to chose?!