Monday, July 26, 2010


I took a cue from Martha today- wanting to just get on to the letter V, I picked up the nearest magazine (MORE, as I didn’t have a dictionary handy) and decided to write on the first word I found starting with the letter U.

U is for unresolved.

Things that are currently unresolved in my life, in no particular order:
  • A plan for paying off student loans in 10 years (Yes, 10 years is really the goal. Yes, for undergrad. Yes, I’ll be 35. Yes, it’s depressing.)
  • If I could ever be a “Compartmentalized Catholic” - someone who recognize the faults inherent in the doctrine/institution, but still practices - and, if I would ever want to be?
  • My feelings on Don Draper’s foray into masochism in the season premier of Mad Men
  • What it means to be a pro-choice feminist dating a pro-life one issue voter
  • If I should try tuna. Everyone else seems to like it
  • How to use the resources of my job and my background in Women’s Studies to develop a program that will positively impact the self-esteem of the teenage girls I coach. Then, how to expand this program’s philosophy to other teams.
  • How to be ambitious without being ruthless, and how to be humble without being self-deprecating
  • Knowing at what age/weight it’s appropriate and considerate to eradicate skinny jeans from my wardrobe
Probably I'll have all of this solved by the end of this blogging challenge.


KC said...

Oh geez. I had no idea bf was a pro-life one issue voter. Unresolved is right. Maybe he'll convert? When I met Dan, he was a republican and wouldn't tell me until after election day whether he'd voted for Bush or Gore.

Relatively soon thereafter, he became the most liberal person in the world except for maybe his dad, Unabashed Liberal of our blogging challenge.

LH said...

That's a hefty list of unresolved issues.

The student loans are a drag. But then one day you wake up and they're gone gone gone.

Gina Marie said...

Ha! Can't believe Dan was conservative. That gives me hope... I'm treading lightly on the issue, but mostly just posing my opinions as fact hoping that he'll forget that he feels the opposite. A really great plan, no?

LH, I had to dig really deep to find all my unresolved issues so don't worry- not dragging me down! As for the loans, I'd do it all over again so they're totally worth it.

Teresa said...

We should chat about the Compartmentalized Catholic issue...

This too is something I think about often, especially considering some of the ridiculous rhetoric currently being put out about child abuse. And all that gay marriage nonsense. And women being priests, which is apparently MORE evil than child abuse.