Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Any fool can do it

Remember that time, a week ago, when I promised to delight you all with 5 posts of mindfulness and downsizing?

Well I'm moving in 2 days. While packing this weekend, I realized that I had 2 options:

1. Go with my original plan, which would have led to me subconsciously packing things I would then throw away within the next few weeks, all for the sake of a pretty lame blog idea.
2. Go nuts, dispose of everything all in one fell swoop, and post one blog instead detailing the "Best of" my childhood room/college stuff.

Obviously, the 2nd option won out after I also realized that shrunken, faded sundresses aren't as much fun to document as things that involve sequins, 80's bangs, and somehow, Audre Lorde mythobiographies.

So- the highlights, in chronological order:

My childhood "Good Luck Troll" that I brought to all dance competitions... so terrifying. Why were these things popular? Speaking of dance competitions:

Tap costume, age 7. It's missing a purple sequined wide-brim hat. This sassy number gleaned 1st place at Nationals* my friends. (*Note, Nationals was held in St. Cloud, MN, and I think the furthest team hailed from Sioux Falls. Nevertheless, we won.)

My Bakers Square nametag. I slaved at this restaurant for somewhere around 7 glorious summers. It tried to take away my dignity, and my love for humanity, but I prevailed. Relatedly, I don't really like pie anymore, and I curse the day that I begin scheduling my life around the senior discount at my local haunts.

A ballet leotard. It's a size Teen Medium, from my senior year of high school (commence weeping).

Two Pat Benatar albums. Neither feature Love is a Battlefield, so they are basically worthless.

Holiday dress. Purchased after my boyfriend at the time told me it made me look like Jessica Alba. Uh. Huh.

Books from my 'Women's Studies library' that seem like they'd scare away the vast majority of people I know. Not all of us are evil man-haters. I promise I won't attack you if you don't believe in transgender bathrooms in pre-schools.

Last, I found my planner from my junior year of college. Lots has changed since then, but 2 things haven't. One, I still need to buy most of the things on this list:

Two, I still love this quote:

Adios, random relics. Onward, upward.


Emily Anne said...

Several issues with this post.

1. Trolls = TERRIFYING

2. You're seriously getting rid of your Gina nametag? It's so small, yet provokes so many memories! (Namely, Jeffrey spitting chew on the carpet.)

3. Um, that holiday dress looks cute! DIBS! (And bless whoever's heart told you that you look like J. Alba. I'm still waiting for the day when John tells me I look like Gisele.)

4. The book titled "Abortion Wars" scares the shit out of me.

Teresa said...

1. Did you still have friends on your dance team when they saw you carrying around that troll?

2. HOW HAVE I NOT PREVIOUS KNOWN ABOUT YOUR HATRED OF PIE?! I might need to reconsider our friendship.

3. I like the "white crate things" on your planner list. Little did you know you wouldn't need them senior year because 438 had such fabulous closet organizers.