Sunday, June 27, 2010

I believe the children are our future

My soon-to-be-roommate is a pre-school teacher, meaning that she has infinitely more entertaining work stories than anyone I know. A few recent gems that I'm taking it upon myself to share to the internets:

3-year-olds, right before naptime:

Boy: {Girl}, I really like you.
Girl: I like you too.
Boy: I think we should sleep together.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because it would be nice to sleep together.
Girl: {Boy}, I think we have to ask our moms before we sleep together.

Her exchange with a different 3-year-old who had his hand down his pants:

J: {Kid}, can you please take your hand out of your pants? You know you're not supposed to have your hand down your pants.
Kid, indignantly: I was just pushing my penis down!


KC said...

What's so amazing is that high school kids sound pretty much exactly the same.