Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not impressed

When I was away at school, my favorite stories were always those when my brothers asked when I was coming home next. It was irrefutable proof that they loved having me around- despite their ambivalence once I actually returned.

To prepare for what is surely going to be an emotional day for them, I gave them the opportunity to let it all out just a moment ago.

"So I move out tomorrow, you know. Probably you'll miss me."

"You're not going that far. You'll be around. PROBABLY we'll see you all the time still," responded apathetic-since-birth middle brother.

"Thanks for your support."

"Already? Can we come visit?" offered the younger, sentimental brother. "It looked nice in the pictures!"

"Yeah we'll come by. Sometime." - ASBMB

"Really, your love is overwhelming."

"Whatever. Have you seen my cleats?"

-- Post From My iPhone