Thursday, August 28, 2008

Raindrops on roses

I recently read a super corny article interviewing Kate Hudson, who says that she writes down three things she is grateful for every day. She learned of this exercise from (don't kill me) Oprah. Never one to take advice from the O, I nevertheless tried it out. As I lay in bed last night, I began thinking of things that never fail to make me smile. Here are a few newer discoveries, with old favorites thrown in for good measure.

1. John Mayer's new cover of Tom Petty's Free Fallin (not including the video or John's performance face will ruin it for you. Just trust me and download it without the visuals...)

2. My favorite scene from The West Wing. If you don't watch the show, you might not understand why this is so fantastic. Try it anyways.

3. This highlight video of the 2007 Boise State win in the Fiesta Bowl. Trick plays, underdogs, and a last minute comeback? Check, check, check. I'm not saying this to look like I care about sports- I'm the girl who STILL doesn't understand why the runningback always runs directly into the pack of people when there is perfectly good open space all around. My brothers just occasionally clue me in on impressive sports feats, and this is my favorite one. (Taylor and I just watched it though, and he mumbled something about me being a tool for thinking this was more impressive than Vince Young's running touchdown in... yeah, stopped paying attention.)

4. The text message I received from J. Vox on Katie's 23 birthday. It described how she flunked the sobriety test a bouncer gave her and reads, "Katie had to count to four three times using her fingers. She counted in reverse the last time and failed." I love that girl.

4. Ballsy writing on topics that aren't covered by the MSM. This article by Nora Ephron on Huffington Post is my favorite recent example. Work it out girlfriend.

5. Finally, something I appreciate that did not come via technology. The nights have been cooler lately, and there are few things more amazing than falling asleep with crisp Midwestern autumn air blowing through the windows. All you cold weather haters can say what you wish about Minnesota winters. Occasionally, we get the other seasons and they are heavenly.