Monday, April 5, 2010

I also didn't know it was pronounced "Shuh-SHEF-Skee"

I’ve mentioned this before, but I think I’m relatively knowledgeable about sports. That is to say I have about 10 nuggets of knowledge that I can rattle off to lure in dudes at bars. Three of them involve the 1991 “Cinderella Series” starring the MN Twins, and two involve the Mighty Ducks trilogy. The rest is through sheer osmosis of the ESPN blaring constantly at my house. For the most part, other than diligently following Bill Simmons on Twitter, I don’t pay attention. So, like a small child brought to anti-abortion rallies at age 6, I’m in the dark about a lot of things and am only hearing one side of the story.

Leading me to my point- according to this article I just read, people don’t like Duke basketball?! Until five minutes ago, I thought they were America’s team, that everyone hated UNC with a burning passion, and that Coach K was a universally beloved figure. It turns out the opposite is true, but my family’s unwavering (and now, seemingly random) obsession with the Blue Devils had me confused.

It’s easiest just to support Duke at my house, just like it is easiest for snot-nosed kids to sneer at the opposition outside a family planning clinic. The difference is that I won my bracket due to my indoctrination, whereas the uninformed kids might grow up to believe that Michelle Bachmann is a courageous and intelligent leader. "Ignorance is bliss" is only a good plan when no one grows up to watch Fox News.


KC said...

I used to love UCONN women's basketball. (?!?!) They had a little chant that went, "Beat the dukies beat the dukies."

I guess I'll hope for your family's sake that the Dukies win tonight!!

LH said...

If Butler doesn't win, there's a guy in this house who is probably going to pop a vein.

great post btw

Teresa said...

Love the Michelle Bachmann jab