Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Into the great wide open

What started out as the summer to beat all summers kind of ended up being a dud. We tried to hit up all our favorite spots and act like nothing had changed, but I think the remaining roomies knew that our time was up in Madison. If there is a biological clock on college maturity, we fought it these past three months. Some nights (Kretsch's last night, Survivor Bar Crawl, the night before Devil's Lake) we managed to show the hourglass who was boss. More often, though, our vodka sobes tasted like sugary reminders of how old we were. Our bodies were no longer able to metabolize seven energy drinks in one night, and we were ashamed.

These realizations made it a little easier to leave the great city today. That, and the four straight days of cleaning that we did on a five bedroom apartment that seemed SO SMALL when all of us were there putting every corner to use. Two bottles of Mr. Clean, eleven magic erasers, and hundreds of Clorox wipes later, it's over. 438 is officially someone else's home.

Those little hookers/renters get a fabulous location, the most amazing beds on earth, and ridiculously low rent. They also get a rabid crow population living in the tree next to their window, transient drunks threatening to pull guns on one another in their back parking lot, and (I hope) a new team of basketball players/Absynthe afficionados living above them*. I'd let the pack of crows and the homeless convicts sleep on my floor if it meant I could have just one more month of Madison glory. And yet, I think my body is breathing a sigh of relief. Cheers babe.

* Note to new tenants: If you slam the top of the broom into the ceiling repeatedly, you can usually get about thirty seconds of relief from the stomping and slam dunking. *


Joel said...

God I am going to miss that apartment! Don't worry though I think we are going to keep those vodka Sobes with us for a long time in the form of heart murmurs.

Liz said...

i find your title very appropriate as tom petty seemed to follow us EVERYWHERE these last few days

Teresa said...

you all must come back and visit when i again live there senior year.

(i still won't drink 'vatka' sobes though)