Sunday, May 11, 2008

Four more reasons to love Sheila Mo Patty

I love my mom 365 days a year, but today's conversation was even better than usual. Highlights:

1. she used the word 'biatch' in casual conversation... "I guess I wish I could just be one of those biatches that demands stuff on Mother's Day, but I just asked dad to finish the laundry instead"

2. she covered the receiver up twice in order to yell "no, i don't know where your nut cup is"

3. she was genuinely surprised when telling me that she returned home last night to three random girls hanging out in our living room with my fifteen year old brother (will NO ONE listen to me that he is secretly a badass?!)

4. She told me not to worry about not having made dinner reservations for all of graduation weekend "because you know your brothers don't eat anything other than pizza and burgers". I can just see it now: my family going balls to the walls at the KFC/Taco Bell combo as everyone rushes to make their sweet resos at Cafe Continental.


Daniel said...

Can I please be invited to the KFC/Taco Bell meal. God that would make my day! Hahaha. JK

Emily Anne said...

FYI: Amy's graduation dinner was at Culver's...because my grandparents eat only Butterburgers apparently