Saturday, June 7, 2008

Did I just get attacked in my own graduation card?

"We are so proud of you! It wouldn't surprise us one bit if you would someday be Secretary of State".

This is the text from inside my graduation card from my grandparents. Convinced that I was reading my grandma's hieroglyphic-esque handwriting incorrectly, I even made my mother take a stab at deciphering it. She came up with the same translation. There are only four explanations for this. In order of my preference, they are:

1) The same uber-Catholic, conservative grandparents who shit-talked Obama three months ago are now feeling the liberal pull, and hoping that I get hooked up in his Cabinet
2) They think Condi sucks and are hoping that I can somehow bring peace to our country via my communications degree
3) They think Condi is doing a bang up job and want another woman in there ASAP
4) They don't think women should rise up above secretarial positions (such as the one my grandma held for thirty years), so Secretary of State is as good as it'll get for me