Monday, August 19, 2013

Emilio Estevez

Jeff and his college buddies have a thing where they tell jokes about Emilio Estevez. It's nearly impossible to explain, so here's an example.

What do you call Emilio Estevez when he gets a job as a stock broker?

          Emilio Invest-evez.

Here's another example.

What do you call Emilio Estevez when he puts on his clothes for the day?

          Emilo Is-Dressed-Evez.

As you can imagine, there is no real end in sight for this game. That is, until I released the greatest EE joke of all a few weeks ago.

What do you call Emilio Estevez when he joins a sorority? 

          Emilio #Blessed-Evez.

{Drops the mic.}

{Picks it back up to share this photo with you.}

Anyway, you should probably all share your favorite original Estevez jokes in the comments. 


LH said...

Okay, these are hilarious. I'll get thinking on this. You should start a web page with these. It could be like the Ryan Gosling hey Girl....

Kirsten said...
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Kirsten said...

What would Emilio's name be if he marries Kanye before Kim does?
Emilio West-evez

What do you call Emilio while he's staying at your house for the weekend?
Emilio Guest-evez

This is fun!

Gina Marie said...

YESSSSSSSSS! It's neverending fun, I'm telling you.

Taylor Thelemann said...

This is awesome. Have you forced Jeff to watch all three movies yet? D3 was on TV today before the Vikes game... We tuned in just in time to witness Julie the cat snagging Gunnar Stahl's slapper to win the Junior Goodwill Games. It just never gets old.

What do you call Emilio in this scene?

-Emilio Depressed-evez.


Dee Elo said...

I thought of 2:
What do you call Emilio when he takes a pop quiz?
--Emilio Guess-evez

What do you call Emilio when he comes on The ToNight Show?
--Emili Oh is Guest-evez

So fun... Thanks