Thursday, April 28, 2011

I fought Lent!Blog! and Lent!Blog! won

Perhaps four days after Easter is a good time to come back to the blogosphere, tail between my legs, to apologize for not having finished the epic blogging challenge that was Lent!Blog!

Back in the day, when I read crappy teen mags like Seventeen, there were often really pointless quizzes that my friends and I delighted ourselves with while tanning at the pool. For example, a question from the quiz "Can he tell you're into him?" would have read:

You meet up with some friends at the mall, and when it's time to go home, one guy you've been talking with asks if you'd like to hang out sometime. You:

a) write down your pager number*, screenname*, home phone number*, and address*, and tell him to call you that night
b) agree that would be great and give him one good way to contact you
c) say "sure" and that he can get your number from one of his friends - they all have it

After answering several inane questions like this, Seventeen, in its infinite wisdom, would tell you where you landed:

Mostly a's: Girl! Tone it down a bit! It's great that you like this guy, but it's never a turn-on to be too available. Lighten up, and you'll have him calling you in no time.

Mostly b's: You know it's sexy to be casual but flirty, and you're hitting your perfect mark. Don't forget to turn it up a notch once you've got him.

Mostly c's: You've taken "hard to get" to a whole new level - how is anyone supposed to feel confident around the Ice Queen?! Open up and let him see the fun side of you.

I have a point, and it's not to get you wondering when in the hell I traded teen mags for Contemporary Feminist Theory. My point is that even before you took the quiz, you knew where you'd stand. Right in the middle - the other sides of the spectrum were just too off-kilter.

That's kind of how I feel about Lent!Blog! When it comes to both blogging and religion, my interest in participation shifts between "avid" and "when it's convenient". So if you'd told me 45 days ago that I'd start out strong and then completely forget for the last few days, I wouldn't have been shocked. Still, I wish I would have sacked up and finished it off with gusto.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in and thanks to those who participated! It was super fun!

Do not let your daughters read this garbage.

* What up, 1999!


Jamie said...

I remember those quizzes!!! Also if you have really mean little middle school friends, they might give you one of the "crazy" results even though you didn't get it, and you know you didn't get it because you could tell by the answers where it was going.

J D said...

As in Catholicism, as in blogging, for us it seems. Can't wait for Advent!Blog! 2011...

TMW said...

I fought so hard to make my parents let me get Seventeen.

Crap. Pure. Crap.