Friday, March 11, 2011

Prompt One: Engage.

Lent! Blog! Is officially a go.

Considering it’s getting late and I really want to make this happen, I’m keeping my first prompt simple. Today has been a reminder for all of us that life can change in an instant, in ways that you can never imagine, through circumstances out of your control. It’s a good time to sit back and reflect on the things or people that make your life better.

What are you doing this weekend to stay engaged in your (pick one) community, friendships, relationship, or personal life?

I’m answering all rather than choosing.

I have girl time scheduled in with both friends and my mom this weekend, and a double date with roomie, her man, and my new fellow tomorrow night. I’m planning a jog after work today to clear my brain from a long week. Last, I’m attending this exhibit with the new man. Bless his heart for being the only person on the planet that agree that a museum exhibit on baby boomers and their future living habits sounds (and I’m seriously quoting here) “so fascinating”.

Okay, blog friends. Let's do this.


TMW said...

Who first went to that museum with you? Hmmmm? Who?!

Also--totally down for the challenge. I have been feeling super absent from writing lately, and really anxious about it. My free time just drastically reduced but I would like to see what happens when I make myself take the time.

Jamie said...

I did it I did it I finally did it: