Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day Two: Song

Welcome to Day 2 of Lent! Blog! I have to keep using the exclamation points because I just know they'll keep us pumped up once we remember that Lent is forty long days, much longer than the month-long challenges we've taken on in the past.

I think we're mostly agreeing to answer the same prompt, but feel free to go rogue at any moment. It's not fair that I'm coming up with the day's theme based on what I feel like writing about. (Isn't power fun?)

Song: What have you been jamming out to lately? Why?

One of my favorite coworkers is a music guru, and he's always giving me new CDs of bands I haven't yet discovered. The following is a song I was excited to share with him - something that never happens. If you don't think this is super cool, then let it be known that I don't think you have a soul. (And if that's the case, it's a good thing you're doing a Lenten blog challenge. Good thinking.)

Music starts at :52


Greta said...

Love the song! I love surprising musical snobs with new goods. Great find :)

Jamie said...

That is beauuutiful!!!

Also, people who can listen to Ave Maria (a good version) and not cry. Those people DO NOT HAVE SOULS.

Mine's less cool: