Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent! Blog!

Perhaps I’ve mentioned once, twice, or a thousand times that I’m a lapsed Catholic? Well in honor of kinda sorta being a Catholic, I’ve decided to kinda sorta take part in Lent.

First, I'm giving up this ridiculously addictive D'Amico pasta salad for Lent, but that's not interesting to anyone else except me.

So my Lenten "add-on" is going to be to blog everyday. I become a better writer, and a more focused person, when I write daily.

Can I find some other blog amigos who will do this with me? Greta, Sara, Teresa, Joe and Jamie are all coming to mind. Everyone is welcome, though. (Jamie and Teresa, I know you’re not so much lapsed, sorry for lumping you in with the sinners. Sara I have no idea where you stand, so my apologies if they should be necessary.)

I'm not sure if we should have a focus. Maybe if people are interested I could come up with some prompts. Obviously, this is very well thought out.

Okay! 1,2,3, Lenten blog challenge! I’ll post my first true blog later today.


S said...

Great idea, from one lapsed Catholic to another. :)

Jamie said...

I guess I'm kind of lapsed because I'm living in sin? Even though I do everything else right? Nothing is ever enough lol

Hmm... Well... I guess it should be reflective and, ideally, short. Maybe something involving pictures or links or fun like that... I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Anonymous said...

What a good idea - I wish I had started this at the beginning of Lent also (I'm not Catholic, though). I'm giving up reading fiction in order to write more for Lent.

I'll be keeping up with your blog project though!

Anonymous said...

Totally down! Although seeing as I'm a lapsed blogger, I'm just now finding out about this. I'm such a sinner.

Going forward - Lenten blogging!!