Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things that are true

Hard work pays off

My team practiced for 16-20 hours a week for five months, and all their work came down to a 3 ½ minute dance at the Minnesota State Championship competition this weekend. We put in a strong performance, scoring perfect 10s in some categories, and mostly 9’s in others. In the end, we were awarded 3rd place. Of all the things I love about my team, it might be their maturity when they don’t win outright. It was a fiercely competitive year and they were grateful to finish with a performance they were proud of, and with a medal of any color. If you think I’m lying, check out some of these pics of them celebrating. Could they be any more darling?!

City living is the best

It snowed something like 15 inches over the course of 30 hours this past weekend. While everyone took to their Facebooks to decry the injustice of being snowed in (in February, in a northern state known for its snowy winters AHEM), I pulled on a pair of boots and walked exactly 75 steps to the Thai restaurant on the corner, then 75 steps back home. While everyone tweeted photos of their barren pantries and the sad, freezer-burned porkchops they were forced to use up, I opened a steaming hot container of MeeKhaThi (sp?) noodles with tofu and wondered how my life could get any better.

Harmonicas make sexy men sexier

My life did get better when I won tickets to the Ben Kweller/Pete Yorn show last night. Em and I spent much of our time discussing: how gorgeous PY is, how we covet his hair, how all guys should rock stubble (and how unfair it is that the Air Force ruins that dream for Em), and I internally reflected on the chances of there being another man on the planet who could pull off “Sweet Mama” as a pet name. When I thought we’d run out of things to love about PY, he whipped out his harmonica and played that with one hand while still strumming his guitar with the other. And that, friends, is when I finally understood what those in the biz call a “groupie.”


TMW said...

Tell me you crafted that PY/harmonica/Almost Famous graphic yourself.

Gina Marie said...

Obviously. I was shocked to see they didn't have one on Google Images, so my design skillz had to come out of hiding.

Jamie said...

I think your girls are ADORABLE. I'm so happy for all of you!!

City living is great, but in DC that Thai restaurant would have been closed... as soon as it started snowing. No, seriously.