Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, A Wooden Nickel

I’m fully aware that my blog has been sucking lately. And while I normally blame my long absences from this page on busy-ness, that’s not the case this time. Yes, life’s been a bit crazy but the truth is that I've just been living, rather than thinking, these past few months. Beginning at the new year, I dove into my life headfirst and tried not to worry so much about how my choices affected others.

I choreographed and cooked for one, didn’t return phone calls when I didn't have time, and missed engagements for which I didn't have the time. I looked a guy in the eye, and said “I like you. What are we waiting for?” and watched as my boldness paid off. When people expressed disappointment in me, I didn't immediately default to an apology. I owned my coaching personality rather than trying to be a mirror image of the others.

One friend said, “We’re single and we have 401ks! This is the dream!” and I laughed my ass off, but I knew she was right. I won’t always be able to choose unabashed selfishness, so I should take advantage of it now.

So while my blog is better when I’m living in my own head, but my life is better when I’m a bit reckless. It seems like a pretty obvious choice to me.

Someday I’ll be a cool mommy blogger who regales the whole of the internets with stories about my children denouncing the Republican party at age 3. For now, I’m happy to report that this silly old blog has made it to the 3-year mark, and has 25+ devoted readers a day. Twenty-five people give a crap about my ninja sleeping habits? You guys. That’s like, the middle child’s dream.


Jamie said...

I love it except for one thing: it hasn't been sucking lately! You're as funny and charming as ever. Cheers!

Ann Dalee said...

I adore your blog - your perspective on life and your hilarious quotes. Go Gina go :) Cheers to three years!

TMW said...

Ditto to the above. You never suck.