Monday, February 14, 2011

Deep, dark confessions

This idea was lifted from Flower Child Dwelling. In addition to copying her idea for this post, I've been listening to this dude on repeat thanks to her. So, she's high up in my internet love lately.

Five confessions, because I couldn't think of a juicy sixth one:

I dance while I clean. I start off with Usher’s “U Got It Bad” because my room is generally a maze and I have to body roll in place for about 10 minutes while clearing a path so I can really start shaking it. No one knows how to work the upper body while keeping the lower body steady like Ur-sher.

When I was young, my evil older brother told me that vampires would bite my neck and suck my blood if I slept with my neck exposed. Now, 20 years later, I still sleep in a full cocoon covering my upper body (1st layer of protection), with my fist covering my neck (2nd layer), with my legs completely exposed (3rd layer - so as to kick the living hell out of said vampires if they tried anything). As such, I’m a terrible night-time snuggler and an even worse blanket hog.

There is a new guy. He makes me completely stupid. Fighting it doesn’t seem to be an option so I’ve caved on being a smitten kitten for the time being. I apologize if my googly eyes offend you. They offend me too.

My mother is the friendliest woman on the planet; I spent my whole childhood watching her say ‘Hi’ to every 3rd person at the grocery store and as a result, I don’t really have boundaries when it comes to public run-ins. Roommate claims I hug too much, I believe other people (ahem, Roommate) hug too seldom.

I once had a dream about being on Death Row, and for my last meal, I had a “Mimi” with extra olive oil from Punch Pizza. Not being a career criminal, I’d never really thought about my last meal but yeah, it would totally be the Mimi. So that’s good to know, should I ever get in with the wrong crowd.


TMW said...

I also think I had a fear of being attacked at the neck while sleeping--I sleep with my arm wrapped around my neck and the covers pulled up tight.

It does not stem from a fear of vampires, though....Unless my brother told me the same as a child and I've mentally blocked out the trauma but continue to instinctively protect myself at night.

Jamie said...

So I never had a fear of vampires until I read/watched Twilight. And I don't mean that in a feminist way, I just literally never thought about vampires before, and the idea of razor sharp teeth is terrifying to me. Lately I've been noticing that my fiance has kind of long canines, and now it's something I think about a lot. So basically no more tween novels for me, because I can't handle the level of scary.