Friday, February 11, 2011

Signs of exhaustion

I went to Target for socks, spent over $100, and forgot to buy socks.

I slept in my work pants on Monday night without realizing it.

I've only eaten Lean Cuisines for work all week.

I said "Mmmmmm" while eating one of said Lean Cuisines yesterday.

I wore a really terrible forest green and gold combo to work on Tuesday. The worst part of that was getting mistaken for a Packer fan who was not only still bragging via clothes two days late, but doing so in business casual rather than the traditional jersey route.

I tried to pour chicken broth into my coffee this morning. I thought it was soy milk. Two minutes later with a new brew, I nearly did the same thing with olive oil and Torani syrup.

I got a haircut on Wednesday, and was conned into returning for "Phase II" this afternoon by my new stylist BFF. Probably I'm going to end up looking like an anime character. Probably it will be expensive. Probably I won't notice, so please be gentle when you next see me in real life.

On an exciting note, I'm off to watch my team compete in Sections tomorrow. If they place in the top 3 in either dance, they advance to the state tournament. If they don't, the season is over.

I'm so not ready to say goodbye to these kids. Send good juju!


Jamie said...

I think this is a symptom of the dead of winter. One day this week I walked out of my house with both of my computers but not the USB flash drive which had all the files I needed on it. So that was fun times.

Anonymous said...

Target is THE WORST for that kind of spending. Hope you can get all caught up and rested soon!