Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peace Corps

P is for Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps was founded in {year during JFK's presidency}. The main mission was {something impressive} and also probably to spread goodwill throughout the globe. Over the years, {a big number} of people old and young have worked as humanitarians through this wonderful program, leading to the development of initiatives such as {a;lksdjv;lkjsd}.

Eff it. Mary's HOME! She's been gone 2 years, 4 months, and something like maybe 15 days. We've lived without her for that whole time, all the while staring at her blog praying for an update, and listening to her hilarious stories about the culture of her village in Senegal when she got to make an odd phone call. (One of my favorites was hearing about how the volunteers convinced a bar with a TV to stay open until 8 AM so they could watch the 2008 presidential election coverage. Later, a nearby ice cream shop offered "Obama Cookie" ice cream, and quickly sold out of their new flavor.)

I just talked to her a few minutes ago and she told me she's at Kowalski's, one of the highest end grocery chains in Minnesota. She's buying the fixings for burgers, and dips for tonight's family barbecue. God bless the girl for coming home and instantly remembering the glory that is... dip.

After a few minutes of chatting, she asked, "So what are you doing?"

It was one of those ridiculous conversations that can't possibly go well because... well, because the girl is at a grocery store 20 minutes away and I'm at work printing new business literature, and it's been 2 years since I've seen her but I can't hightail it over there RIGHT. NOW.

She had a pomegranate margarita last night, in NYC, and said that she knew all the girls would have loved it. The night I fell in love with pom margs was also the night we snapped this picture. I can't believe we're all about to be in the same place again.