Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Off the Grid

O is for Off the Grid.

I left my phone in Seattle. It was cleverly hidden in my bedsheets after my 5 AM wakeup call, and I forgot to put it in my purse as I left my friend's apartment with half-open eyes and zero brainpower. It's slowly making its way back to MN, on the cheapest FedEx service available. I will be phone-less for another 2 days.

At first, I panicked- how would my mom find me at the airport? How will I get in touch with everyone?

Then, after finding mom in 3 minutes outside baggage claim and alerting roommate and BF of my situation using her phone, I felt pretty dang free.

Also, and this is embarrassing to admit, I feel very engaged. Without the influx of texts, emails, and phone calls, I have no choice but to be 100% in the moment. As it turns out, being available all the time has put a small strain on my relationships, and I'm glad that I had the chance to bust out of the smartphone habits that have consumed me over the past few months. Last night I had three face-to-face life chats with 3 of my favorite people, and I never once wondered who else needed me.


LH said...

do you plan to remain off the grid? I'm curious about this.

Teresa said...

She couldn't do it if she tried.

That iPhone is her crack.

Gina Marie said...

No, LH, I really couldn't. I would argue that I also have to be available to a certain extent for work, as well.

I do want to be more mindful of the time that I waste using it, and the attention I pay to the people around me though.