Thursday, July 22, 2010


I like it when words sound like their meaning. Not like an onomatopeia, but rather when a word that has nothing to do with a noise, has a pronunciation that ‘makes sense’. I’m doing a terrible job of explaining what I mean, so let me give an example.

The word quell- one definition of this word is ‘to allay or quiet emotions/anxieties’. Say it out loud. Kwellllll. The long ‘L’s at the end are so soothing and calming. Quell sounds like a verbal herbal tea- the pronunciation perfectly aligns with the meaning.

English friends- is there a word for this? It’s not connotation, I don’t think, because there isn’t a secondary meaning or suggestion. Word nerd, party of one.

Q is for quell. This is the most boring post of all time.