Friday, July 2, 2010

July Blogging Challenge Plug

Happy Friday!

Before we get too far into July, I want to give some blog friends the heads-up on a great July blogging challenge that is being hosted by Lee. You can watch her fabulous video detailing the challenge here, but the basic gist is that if you participate, you are to write entries based around the alphabet, so you create your own blogging encyclopedia.

I'll be participating once my back stops spasming from the move, and once my roommate and I clean up the glass from the broken blender on our kitchen floor. This could happen as soon as tomorrow, and as late as Monday.

For now, I want to personally invite Teresa, Shannon, Joel, and Jamie to participate. It's sure to be a gas, and there's no better way to increase your traffic than to guarantee your readers new posts.

To channel KC, it's going to be the best challenge EVER.


LH said...

We're off to a great start. Hope your back is feeling better!

Jamie said...

I'm IN! So cool.

Shannon Clattenburg said...

This is what happens when I leave the blogosphere for a few weeks!!

I had no idea that this lovely challenge was even going on (I'd like to thank my crazy illness that latched on and stayed for weeks)!

I'll consider giving it a go, even though we're halfway through the month!